Friday, September 30, 2011

Day 2: Universal Studio calling

Day Two, has some different fun and events all listed compared from day one, drive on Highway One.

IF you have to compare street between NY and LN, it’s easier as all across in LA you can spot Palm Trees, where as in NY you can spot trees only in Parks (Central Park..)

Today we did plan to visit Universal Studio, it was indeed an amazing experience, living through all those remarkable movies that had came from Universal Studios.

One of the tour listed was ’Special Effects’ we all would have screen and enjoyed when we saw the mighty King Kong running across the streets and muscling stunts with Dinosaurs, in movie King Kong is a 7ton 30foot beats, but in movie filming term King Kong at certain scenes  was mere 18inches.

Some sets were larger than life the one if you happen to recall when a plane did crash in Steven Spielberg’s  ‘War of the World’ the plane looks no smaller than 737 planes.

We watched 4D movie for the first time ‘Shrek it was thrilling, the 3D was amazing, after which I realize all so called 3D movie do not make a stand in front of it.

As yesterday some picture that to say more words.
At the entrance of Universal Studios 

We with the Swamp King and Queen, Shrek and Fiona

Ste from show Water World, impossible to express in words.
After the show took stills with 'Tim Sitarz', this will help you recall all those who watched 'Kambakkht Ishq' he was one of the bad guys, its the same movie which starred 'Sylvester Stallone'

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