Sunday, August 14, 2011

Nature Rain… Click…

If you love photography, or rather if you just love clicking, Nature is the best source of best stills, and most of the still would make sure you end up with mouth wide open and gasping from more images, as its raining over this part, I got some nice stills.

Moreover a big thanks to digital source of photography it has inspired armature photographer (or a person like me with Camera), just point shoot and download on to your laptop. Picasa being helpful and allowing upload images and share them, all in a jiffy.

I still remember those days when I bought my first camera (back in year 2002, it cost me 1100 Rs it was a major part of my paycheck), them to I loved clicking, but the only grim side was the wait period, of completing the roll 36shot get them developed, and assume all have came well. At time I would have to wait for occasion as I have not consumed all 36picturres

If I look upon the latest album I shot, its been rainy since morning much before I woke up, and I loved the way it was raining it reminded me of the rain back from my native place (Kerala –Kannur, where when it rains, it just rains un-interrupt) today rain is somewhat in similar fashion, no wind to make sure the clouds will find a new place.

Below are the picture I took some time back and some of them have came out really well (as I say I loved them), I so easy to click 50 pics in 10 minute span and create an album of 5, ahh technology I love it.

As most rain lover back home would love to have a cup of Garam Chai (hot tea) and savory Onion Pakodas

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Joe said...

Rain itself has some pleasure in it...I sometimes really feel good walking in rains...