Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I was taking a late coffee break with a colleague from work, small break are always welcome in between, and we were chitchatting talking about all non-related topics.

I transit bus stopped just in front of me, I was leaning on a building wall, I saw this elderly man stepping out with a cowboy hat, a sweet looking old grandpa, he stepped out with a walking stick hanging over his arm, and was looking inside the bus.

I was waiting to see who would be coming out, slowly and steady with little baby steps comes out a cute granny, she was old enough and require support walking she would have taken good time to step down from the bus, all this time grandpa was waiting.

As she was stepping out, he offered his hand, and see took his assistance and stepped out, with walking stick in her other hand, they both walked slowly and steadily over the pavement.

Time was about when people left from work and are rushing to catch bus / train to reach home, rather I say I any metro round the clock people are buzzing off, people were just passing by, but this old couple did not bother at all, holding each other hand and swiftly talking. In some time, I lost sight of them…

I wanted to take a picture and paste it, but I was more keen in watching them walking by and fading in crowd.

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