Thursday, September 29, 2011

Vacation Calling - West Coast: Day1

One such word for sure would bring smile across anybody face would be ‘Vacation’, after intense planning and deciding when to travel and for how long we finally have started our vacation touring to West Coast,

Sounding West Coast strike few place in your Mind, LA(Los Angles), San-Francisco, Beverly Hill, and the most striking Hollywood sign.

Our day started rather too early, we boarded the 5:00am flight to LA, definitely not have woken up if it was not or a planned vacation.

Pictures do will speak for themselves rather me narrating a story for it.

Morning Sun-rise over charlotte airport, our transit journey.

Our ride for next 3 days.... its a silent beast on road.... reallyt impressed with Nissan Murano

A Drive, you will remember for long time, Mountains covering one side, endless ocean inviting to swim and surf,  and the long  winding road.

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Joe said...

Enjoy buddy...and the SUV looks safe..and enjoy the 5 lane slow drive ;)