Sunday, August 21, 2011

Govinda Ala re Ala…..

Today being Janmashtami, I am missing few of the key ingredient with a mix of  will make any perfect celebration for any occasion.

As anyone who loves, he would like to keep check of his set of spices and perfecting any particular recipe. Similar way celebrating any festival, also do require some specific ingredient that defines success and flavor of celebration.

In Holi, if you are not soaked in water and faced pointed in all shades resembling from point company, I say something missing

In Diwali, if you do not have sweets/ firecrackers (I know I know its against pollution – I say I will compensate my share by not driving for a week), without which we missing Diwali celebration.

E-Id, how could you say you celebrated unless you had an amazing Biryani .

Likewise Janmashtami, celebrating birth of Lord Krishna, to has its own way of celebrating, this festival I more children’s, as per mythological stories Krishna during his young age was the most innocent trouble maker kid.

Few of the missing moments during this Janmashtami for me:
-        As most in my age group kids were bought up in their non Cable-Television era, we had only savored on Doordarshan programs, and during this time, we would be having the most iconic song played (sung by Md. Rafi and acted by Shammi Kapoor) ‘Govinda Ala re Ala’ this song has created its mark.
This time around its saddens the most to know that Shammi Kapoor is not amongst us

-        Dahi-Handi: Human pyramids are formed in the attempt to break the Handi (earthen pot filled with curd and fruits) its symbolized to Krisha’s acts from his childhood.

Tribute to the legend and keeping up the festive spirit.


Joe said...

Happy Janamashtami...
Our festivals have so much of joy and colors...
We used to go to our nearest Mandal...and one of the famous one in Pune 'Natubagh Mitra Mandal' and I remember we use to stand on a tall building and only see heads of people as long as the road could was so wonderful to dance on those drumbeats....

Anish said...

I am too missing all the festive fun... Starting from Holi till Diwali :-(