Saturday, September 11, 2010

Long Weekend... As it went...

The weekend as passed by:

Everyone welcome a nice long weekend once in a while... As I am not any different I would love to see one long weekend every months that I required as once in a while you required to unwind and be lazy or be supercharged and have a travel freak weekend...

We happen to do the other option and started planning for the Sept 4 long weekend some 3 weeks in advanced a we did not wanted to spend hours and hours lazy in my bed, at time a nocturnal person to would love long long sleep...

So in three days we did loads of activities some to mention as:

- Drove 1100 miles (1700+ km) in-spite of having a brand new license i did not drive a feet :-0 'lazy'

- Travelled across 4 state (including the one where we live)

- Visited Luray Caverns, famous for Stalagmite & Stalactites

- Un-Solved a nice Garden Maze in 75mins that kids take 45mins as we made sure to take pictures in each corner :-0

- Did Para-Sailing it's an amazing experience

- Visited Virginia Beach happen to have splendid weather that helped

- Drove through a amazing engineering marvel 'Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel that’s across Atlantic Oceans a spans close to 17miles (30+ km)

Some photos to support what a nice weekend that we had....
Luray Caverns: Image Reflection: Its hard to believe the perfect reflection, and water depth is between 4-6inches.
First of all you feel its not a reflection and then if so the water is of much more depth 

Garden Maze: I never though that garden maze would be such amazing fun, as we took more then as hr. to find our way out.
Sky-line from hotel @ Portsmoth: I was talking on phone and strolling on boardwalk, could not resist get my camera and talk this amazing sky-line view specially the reflection it had on water was just amazing
Para-Sailing @ Virginia Beach: let me help you all spot, the tiny spot you see that our parachute, we are at 1200ft away, and the view from that height is breathtaking

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