Thursday, December 30, 2010

Updates from my end….

It has been more than three weeks since my last post that I titles on my route to Home.
These three weeks was a real life changing roller costar ride, I have loads and loads of stories and small memories to share with and all that I feel is I will not be able to cover them all, few of them will later fade through our porous memory.
Still I will scribe and write of some of the already few missing link that happened in last 3 weeks, before I go in more details let me mention ‘I am a happily married, to the most beautiful person who agreed to share a life time with me, (I am not sure do I need to believe in after life or re-birth) it is always better to live the life we have at present.
19th Dec was the day when we started a new phase in life of being together.
And if you are to guess like most of the couple we would have crashed in to a exclusive Honeymoon tour, in that case I would have to say our was a different story all together to say.
We travelled close to 2000km (if that would have be air miles it would have been easy not in our case, we travelled that distance via RAIL / BUS / SUV / and some distance on foot) to be part of my best friend engagement (Kasargod -Kerala), not to live my spouse to enjoyed the trip. We travelled to Kerala (my Birth place) for the engagement.
As we were advised after marriage we have to visit a temple (Mookambika Temple) located some 300km from (Kasaragod -Kerala).
As soon we were back we had to head back to Mumbai for the VISA interview and following on next day we had to attend another close friends wedding (this is the first time I attending a Christian wedding).i love the most about the Reception followed by the wedding is the amount of fun / music / Dance that’s planned in the reception, The Wedding march, the First dance then you to get a dance to tap the dance floor.
After all this event and  moment know I hardly have time to do some further shopping before I travel back to NY with heavy heart , each time I leave Pune I fall in more love with this place.
Singing-off for know but will be back with few more post, with small memories and moment I would love to cherish.