Tuesday, December 7, 2010

On my route... to Home

I am in favor of transit flights… Please don’t say that as if I am not in a hurry to meet my dear and near one.

I might be a bit of selfish in this term, as against a direct flight, as traveling from NY you get a option to stop-over a major European cities based on the air carrier you select (usually one select based on the cheapest tickets that is available not to shy away from the fact)

A short transit break during a transit journey is like a small get away I wish you should allow a small tour based on the request where in you can roam some part of the city….

This time I am halting at Heathrow LN airport I have close to 3 hour to spend before they make final announcement, I arrived at 7:00 in morning, as of last week it snowed a lot, but today early morning was a bit chilly and foggy.

I was a bit hungry and was look out for a nice breakfast as per the local time but not sure what based on my body clock, I came across a nice eat-out place called ‘Giraffe’ with a lovely tag line ‘LOVE EAT LIVE’ I had a nice hour long heavy breakfast, and during that time the server ‘Lucia’ kept on having small conversation…

Waiting at the gate, the backdrop across the runway was really nice, it was overcast and a lot more cloud cover lot at all like 9:30 am

Dec 6th 12:30am finally I reach Mumbai…. My life is to take a whole lot bigger turn, but the only thing I am sure about is it all going to be a experience (a fabulous one)

Can’t wait to mention this one… the cab guy was waiting for me, I made my self comfortable and the cabbie ‘Sadhashiv’ tuned on the radio… and the song it played ‘Zor ka Jhatka’…. I broke out with a loud laughter… (for those who are not aware this Bollywood song is played for the guy to is about to married, and it warns him not to get married)

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