Monday, September 27, 2010

Wall Street: Do money Sleep????

First time when I realized Money do not sleep was when I got interest on money that was in my saving account, I had my first account created when I received my first pay-check.

Till that time I had never showed any interest what happens to money when in no use.
So when I opened my saving account, and after three months when bank paid interest, I was happy to see some extra money in my account, that’s when I realized if you have money at the right place it will increase over time… so plan in a better and effective manner to see it grow with time.
Lesson learnt, ‘Investing will make sure money increases overtime’

Down the years I was working for fore an Investment bank, that is when I learned the concept of ‘Depreciation’ & ‘Inflation’, if one has to explain these terms they can define in simplest way to help understand a normal person or the definition can confuse a financial specialist.
Lesson learnt, ‘Investing is better than keeping money under bed‘

Back in 2006 when Indian stop market was on the uptrend, as each day BSE was touching new high that when a friend of mine told it is bad to keep money in bank if you have money you should be investing, that will multiple, rather than keeping in bank it will have mutant growth.

That’s when on his word I invested and in a month time I did not see investment multiply rather I saw how money evaporates.
Lesson learnt, ‘Listen to other invest plan but act on your own guts, if failed it is your bad bets, not others’

Later I started taking things in my hand, read some took some risk and started on my own.
The most inspiring words I remember quoted by ‘Warren Buffet’ the best Investor of all time. ‘Be fearful when others are greedy, And Greedy when other are fearful’

You might think after reading this post, why such a post from me, this is just outcome of the movie that I watched movie ‘WallStreet’ where ‘Gordan Gekko’ has some skill, the best quote is loved ‘Money is not the prime commodity in our lives… time is..’

So what do you have to say in this?
Do Money Sleeps

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