Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pictures: On the Go....

PENCIL Company: been a long time since I hold a pencil and wrote something long lost school days… when Pencil were an integral part of childhood… its long gone I guess since the advent of Leap-Frog (computer aided learning play toys)

FRIDAY: what a better way to start celebrating all the holiday lined up… Friday we had couple of Pool game over beer… it was fun after a while. 

FIRE: Firefighter to doze the fire of to set fire… This pretty looking cheers girls we on a Vintage Fire-Engine on Veterans Days at Times-Square

Moon Overlooking: yesterday while we were on our way… Happen to catch this glimpse… which was really nice, I wished I had my SLR… I loved the whole picture…. Backdrop Sky touching Empire Estate, Old factories in Foreground, and Full MOON overlooking

Hope: This tree spreading message’ Winter still at bay’ One of the last few tree, which still adore and spreading message that we have some more time before winter grips

Prepare: Time to prepare as winter approaching time for a long hibernating state, converse all what you have to next spring 

No Stopping: Time-Square is the place to witness anything or everything, Not sure what the theme was I was rushing to office still took time to capture this moment.

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