Monday, October 11, 2010

Another nice Sunny weekend... Bus Ride to remember...

This weekend... We start our usual weekend planning by mid week 

For a change for this week we planned to visit a Ganesh Temple... After a long time i am visiting a temple... it is located in Flushing NY, when we had reached it had very less people around that the best time I like, You happen to be a sacred place the silence soothes your mind.

If we look at the travel it is a bit long journey considering the travel time
Take a bus to New York City, which took 40min thanks to traffic
Take a subway to Flushing 45min train journey 
Take a bus ride a rather short ride 10 min
And finally a 2 min walk...
As the day was bright and sunny we did not feel the journey.... 

The funniest bus ride on our return... 

The bus only accepts coins $4.5 and we both did not had any coins along with us... 

Firstly we went to a store and bought bottled water, asked him to rerun back on coins he no no no not all coins... he gave us $3.75 
We went to next store and bought another bottled water and finally we had our required fares....

Some funny thing about NewYork buses
Some buses accept only coins
Some accepts Coins and Currency Note (That to only $1 note) this funny incident happens some time we three boarded this bus

I asked the lady driver what the fare for us

Lady Driver, tell it is $7.5

I was happy as I had exact change (one 5 and 2 singles and rest in coins)

She smiled and said u put any Currency Note the machine will read as $1

I was like ahhhh..

She toils it happen I know u are putting the total money correctly let the machine thin other way

I said that is awesome and thanks for the ride

So back where I started the temple we visited was really nice, its being expanded so lot of work in progress state.

Below picture I took of one of the entrance
This is one of the side entrance, Once all work is complete the temple will look splendid.

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