Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ganapati Bappa Moriya!!!

Back in my school days I used to wait for ‘Ganesh Festival’ main reason ‘As I would not have to study those 10days which I loved.

We used to live in ‘Morwadi’ located in Pimpri-Chinchwad township, we stayed on First floor and across the road biggest Ganesh pandal of the area would be placed, it used to be close to 40+ feet high and somewhat same width, all youngster in that area would start building up the main structure some 3 weeks before, I used to keenly watch the progress day after day, or rather during that time I used to sit by the window and study or better to say I would be patiently watching how the structure is been build.

Each and every year the theme would be same, it used to be light works they would set up 1000’s of small bulbs which would lit in different color and formation and to match they would blast of dozens of speakers across the whole lane and all latest bollywood songs would be playing from 4pm till midnight, I loved those time as those 10 days no story (I used to say Mom I am not able to concentrate lol) know I feel laughing on how I used to run away from studies….

But as the 10day approaches I would feel bad, as I would have to get back to studies ad most during that time we would have our quarterly exam, I always said then school authorities intentionally set exam just after ‘Ganesh Festival’ as they hate we kids have nice time :-0

Immersion day: it would be one such day for which I used to wait, as we stayed on first floor, out house was at prime spot, I loved the synchronized drum beats it used to last for hours before they would start slowly the immersion procession, on an average the procession last for 30+ hours, and during this time of the year Pune city would be buzzing.

I drew this before i wrote this post, i would have drawn this Ganapati image thousands of time, and each time i end up some what same.

This one i drew with my 'Charcoal' Pencil, after all this years of practicing it took less then a minute to draw.
This is one of the drum beat that you cannot avoid if you are in Pune in next 2 days, which i am badly missing.


Anonymous said...

God Bless!!! cheers dear!! :-)

Anish said...

Yes buddy, this is one such festival that i love the most...