Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Friends.... Wine.... Cricket....

Friendship is the only relationship that a person can choose, all other relationship are inherited, or rather it better to you u are added to the relationship tree.
Some how I consider it is the best gift we possess that we can choose friends or the other way round some choose you as a friend.

Over the time, we become close to many friend in our walk on life, starting from our childhood. In our childhood, all those kids who shared their toys became our friend, those who had Cricket bat with them; they were undoubtedly the best friends.

Garfield and Odie are the best friends....
However, of all this we all end up having couple of nice friends this friends are not need basis, like those earlier one, friends for criket bat, if I choose to play some other game I might not be in contact with my cricket bat friend.
As time progress, we leave school behind; we cruise through college get entangled in our professional-personnel life, in all this race our friend circle keep on changing. Similar to weather, but as we sometime have unpredictable rainfall in summer time, we bump up with some lost yester year friend, and that when they try to dig up laugh out all those sweet memories they had.

Friendship is like wine; the more you preserve in wooden barrel the more it ferments, similar friendship over the time it ferments and they mature over time, and that when you do not require assuring and re-assuring about the importance of a friend.

But at time when wine is not stored properly, or it their was a leak in the wooden barrel, the natural ferment process do not work, similar at times, we to hold out for some small incident that leads to bad scar
Is it good is it bad, every one will have his or her voice in this…. But for friend this was not good I assume.

Leaving all apart I still love cricket and wine, leave all difference and watch a cricket game over wine… you will be back as those olden days…

To Friendship, it is the invisible link that we share, which other will not see.

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