Sunday, May 1, 2011

Blogathon, End, for a new start.

Blogathon: For now came to a closure:

26 days ago, I took a plunge into an unknown territory of Blog-marathon (Blogathon) which aims that a blogger would post daily for a month.

I start on 5th April and as April neared to its end I had already posted 22 times, in terms of Blogathon it is not a completed race, In similar why if you participate in a Full marathon (26miles) if we drop down after 24 miles in terms of completion we were not able to complete, but in terms of personnel terms it is an accomplishment for me

I started blogging for the very first time back in Dec 2008 () back then I had no idea I would be able to see 50 post, but today this would be mine 162ns post, and I I really do not see an end to my blogging soon.

Few of the interesting post from Blogathon:

I would like to thanks all my followers who would spend time on my post, that inspire in me continuing.

All I could say I would keep on posting some interesting post over time, love the tag ‘Johnnie Walker ‘ – Keep Walking

See you around soon.

1 comment:

Joe said...

Every good thing has to end and so is your blogathon..will still be waiting to hear from you everyday...
Keep going..