Friday, May 13, 2011

Driving: The saga continues....

I am back with my favorite topic on my blog.... ‘Driving License'

Currently I am in a state where in I can attempt and write a book relating to life cycle of owning a driving license with special notes on how to make things not work for you :-0
So you would imagine why I am the most frequent visitor to DMV, i have lost the chronological order also of all my visit.
Not to mention I would have visited more number of time in last one year then people visit in their life time....

So here comes the latest post on DMV visit saga, this time it is for renewing my Provisional License (it’s a bit of wacky rule, at first I was given a 3 month Learners License after that  I cleared driving test and got Provisional license valid for a year and then comes the day when you can proclaim your permanent license. I feel it a bit longer wait).
In my case it has never been easy I was would always find myself in some exceptional case, and this time my VISA expired in 7 months. So I see myself again standing outside DMV with all the possible document that I can gather to renew by Provisional license, which means I have another visit pending to claim my Permanent license.

License expiry dates are tagged with your VISA expiry date, with a 3 months grace period, where in they assume that by then VISA would get renewed. I had my finger crossed as last time my VISA renewal took 8 full months
So after all the wait I was at the window, what had never ever happened it happened  in next 90 seconds I had my renewed license in my hand and I was out of DMV… phew with a sigh of relief 

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