Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother’s Day

T his is me and my mom, this picture was taken when I was in Pune last December, during my last trip to Pune. Looking at the calendar it feels as if some time had passed away, but for me it more like yesterday of as older as of last week.

Like any other kids I too am bit closer to my mom, for many reason, for not only because what I am today is all because of her teaching and her patience that she had shown in my bringing up., but for many other reason also, she backs up and motivates me.

Many camp would say why we are trying to commercialize the sweet relation between mom and kids, i have a different opinion, it true that we are not to show our affection to mom only on a particular day of year, rather it should be year around. Why not to have a special day.

Mom would not be asking us to shower her with loads of gift or flower, she only want that her kids share the same love they had all during their childhood (back when we used to write essay titling ‘My Mom’)  

So leave all apart, time it say out loud 'I Love you MOM'

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Joe said...

Mom rocks..The best thing God did for everyone....