Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Attachment and Detachment ???

Attachment and Detachment, sounds so simple but if we are to put this in terms of human relationship the discussion would be endless, resulting in very little conclusion as generally people do fall under three groups and would like to make sure their stand.

Attached: as per me people who cannot live fully in isolation and require to be attached to the system (Not like Neo attached to cables in Matrix). Attachment do not mean mere physical... its emotionally, and more in terms of an affirmation that we are been watched and taken care by the close knit of people around us.

Detached: As per me it is a group of people that proclaim they are totally detached from any emotional or social bonding. I will refrain from taking sides or commenting I clearly see my self not part of this camp.
If I have to state an opinion I would state complete detachment is it true or pure hypothetical, as human belong to category called 'Social Animal'

Matrix: This group would be most populous and fits for most of us. As it gives us the flexibility of hopping On and off over time,  at time we all require some attachment and even in other ways some one would be looking forward towards you for that emotional support and you be the best listener as possible as you can.  Once a while if you are seeking some amount of isolation or self-time.

Moreover each one of us would have come across this case where we try to put up a point just to prove and say no I am attached but not dependent on any one...
Being dependent should not be confused and termed as attachment, both have it own set of unique identifiers.

Many a times you would have 'I m feeling homesick' generally from hostilities or from people moved to a new place, (And most of the time guys prefer to say ‘No’ as they feel it’s against Male testosterone) anyways at I have misunderstood when I hear those words.

If I think it is completely acceptable, as each one of a would have a degree of attachment and it is not that easy to just walk out of the nest and say 'I am a free bird, and can do anything i please to'

So are you… Attached or Detached? Mention you opinion.

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