Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ganesh Chaturthi: 11 days to go

In next 10 days we all will be celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi.

It is one of the festivals I love a lot, due to various reason, first of all I love Ganapati, also other than that, the festivity the happiness and the way its celebrated in different place add more color and vibrant to it.

I assume preparation for Ganaesh festival starts months in advance.

The big and mega pandals starts with creating the layout and better than last year design, many pandal decoration will try and outcry in passing public social economic message, some would highlight the events that shook and got all together as one, and showed we are uniformed only in crisis I feel at time. We always require a jolt to show our empathy and belongingness.

Idol makes try and find new design and formation few design would emerge for last year events that took place to capture people attention and glare.

Dhol and Tasha group would start practicing so as on the last day when Ganapati is all set immersion ride, they all sound one and uniform, many hours practice and synchronizing is must to play in a group and sound as one and loud.

Since last couple of months a group had started construction Ganapati idol, of all size and design, its on my way to office (Talawade Pune). Some idols were of few inches and some stood majestic more than 10 feet high.

I was thinking for some time I would be visiting the place and clicking some picture, on 15th August as India was celebrating its 66yh Independence day, I had to run to office to support a production release ‘Kab MIlegi yeah azadi’ joke apart.

I spend more than an hours in clicking some amazing snaps and interacting with the people around understanding the hardship and dedication that goes around in creating this larger than life idols.

Dried Plaster-Of Paris idol, all set to get a coat of white color

Looks pure white, after to which the idol would be kept aside to dry post to which color will add life to it.

Getting another layer of light pink shade, on to which the final color will be applied....

Finishing touch in order, and the idol would be put up in shelf, and in some days it would find a new place where it would be worshiped during Ganesh Festival. 

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