Sunday, August 4, 2013

Kenjalgad Trek: A must trek during raining season.....

I am back on blogpost after ages….

Over the weekend I happen to trek with office group, it was the third trek originated by our office, however trek to Kenjalgad was my maiden trek.
Sunrise at Nigdi..... lately only seen Sunset, thanks to trek was able to to view sunrise :)

The day was to start as early at 6:00am, our pickup point was the first, and we had 3 hour ride before we reached the base village.

Our Bus driver was following IST time, so was 30 min late, I did not matter a bit as we had loads of fun stored for the whole day…..

We reached the base village by 11:00 and started our way up…. Trek-Di who were our guide and organizer for trek, this guys made sure we followed all safety measures and enjoyed the trek.
Kenjalgad, view from base village

It took us 3.5hours to reach till top of the mountain, for when we reach all our tiredness vanished in thin air the view was amazing, the whole mountain range was as if painted in green.

Half way down we stopped at a village where we had our lunch it was amazing, its my personal favorite Bhakri + Junka.
Village were we had our Lunch.... will remember the lunch till the time i remember Kenjalgad Trek

After having an amazing heavy lunch we had another 90 mins walk till the base village.

Some of the amazing picture which I was able to capture.
Kenjalgad...... Amazing view

We had an amazing trek.

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