Sunday, August 18, 2013

She is 9 years….

She is 9 years…. And 40,000 km

It’s been 9 years when I had set my eyes on her.
I have been working for few months and had saved enough to buy first ride, until then I did not knew how to ride a bike, all I know was how to ride a moped, gear were a bit complicated.

I went to Hero Honda showroom with my buddy Jeevan, we did all the paper work in some time the bike was there, I did not had much confidence to drive it, so I asked Jeevan drive. He did drive it half way and told this is not working, its your ride and when will you ride it, oh okay… with couple of false start I reached home :-0

All this time she has supported me and had never failed, and never had me stranded on a lonely road, with no help….

She is still a beauty; little minor work has to be done….
She clocked 40k on odometer, however she did not had a working odometer for more than a year , so its fair to assume she would have breached 50k mark :-0
All cleaned and shinny....

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