Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Robot... Engineered... Its Play Time....

House next door to us, are to amazing twins, both have unique characters which is love towards electronics, which they have inherited from their father DNA…

Both are in their 5th grade, and love to dismantle first and assemble electronic equipments (which are permissible for sure) else you would be surprised to see TV inside fridge and I bet they can do in some time J….

This time around they happen to build a Robot (wheel operated)

Some of the engineering and electrical dimensions…

They used motor, added two wheel from a car attached to it, so when you switch it own they will roll (they for sure had fancy legs…

They also tried to resolve balance issue (as it was two legged robot) they faced with the robot, they did added some extra cardboard's paper flap on both legs so as each flap balances when the robot leaned backward or forward.

The robot has to fancy eye (LED), which was also powered from the same motor and their eye turn on / off based on a switch.

It had two fancy hands, with Blue and Red light attached…. Ironically they were not able to connect it, as the battery which was charging the motor was not able to take the load….

So at this age it an amazing homemade Robot they have….

So will the Robot have a fighting chance against Cyberdyne System and will it be ready to face any of the Terminator T101… and so that will arrive from future….

Time will say… but my money is on the new Robot….  Designed by Chutka & Batka….

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