Thursday, September 5, 2013

Happy Teacher’s Day……

This day is celebrated in honor of our late honorable President Of India Sarvepalli RadhaKrishnan, who was a schoolteacher before being elected as first Vice-President of India & Second President of Independent India.

I still my school day’s when we were very eager to celebrate Teacher’s days…. We would be preparing hand made greeting cards…. All kids would be getting some sweets and would be distributing among Teachers, who are the true people assisting in creating the strong foundation on which we are to lay our strong future.

Students from high school would enact role of a teacher and they would conduct all lectures on that day… Teachers would be sharing desk along with student sand see how their role is being portrayed.

Later by end of days the best student teacher would be awarded…. The whole day was fun.

During my high school time I once got to enact as our strict Vice Principal Raman Sir who was our Mathematics Teacher, an amazing person would punish all student would not fair well in calls test, or would miss their homework, Raman Sir was very particular and wanted all to be very much disciplined. There was time I would be an outstanding student (in literal term would be standing outside of some or the other reasons).

And the day when I had to enact Raman Sir, I for sure did enact my role very well , didn’t get award however was applauded for my role.

I also remember my tuition teacher who did help me a lot during my 10th Grade and 12th Grade schooling, she is another person whom I would be creating for a person I am today.

So to all my teacher, who helped me during my schooling and all my education time a special thanks and for I would not have been the Anish Nair, who I am as of today.

My School... good old day....

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