Friday, August 23, 2013

Raksha Bandhan... something different this year :)

Raksha Bandhan, a festival symbolizing brother and sister relationship.

It's when sister ties rakhi on brothers wrist.

We have many famous stories depicting brother and sister relationship,  few have always been famous in our history books is between Queen Karmavati and Emperor Humayun  (wiki link)

Happen to read another interesting story of which I was not aware…. Of King Alexander (I hope u did not guess this one)(wiki link)

The festival is not just between brother and sister in bloodline relation, as certain brother as sister relationship sprouts in our usual walk of life.... So during our school days.. Some during college days however I stayed away from college couple of days before and after like everyone else....

I don't actually recall when someone had actually tied and Rakhi (I have many cousin sister, and all of them are in Kerala, over where Rakha-Bhandhan is not as popular, current generation might due to advent of Hindi tele shows.

I was not expecting after all this time I would get a Rakhi, however to my surprise I got a Rakhi sister this time, I knew her for last 3-4 year, she is a nice person and has good set of principles that she follows in her life which I like about her.

I will be selfish and would expect a Rakhi from her next year and year after to it as well :-)

Happy Rakha Bhandhan.

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