Monday, June 14, 2010

Niagara Falls...

After much planning and wait we planned to visit Niagara falls over this weekend (11-13 Jun) and the funny part was we did not check weather as it did not matter and the rain also did not dampen the enthusiasm in us, we 5 (Me, J, A, S, M) drove all the way to Niagara.
The drive is 450 miles we started on Friday Evening, details as time unfolded.

Friday: On the move, to Niagara.
We planned to move from our place by 6pm, it first started by sending a email "Leaving early 3pm", reached home at 4:00pm and got car, the same one we rented couple of weeks back, and we started at 6:00pm.

First stop: after 2:30 hrs drive we took a stop to have some snacks, we reached a shopping Mall, as just then we saw "Game Stop" and PS3 was kept for display, and in next 15 mins we ended up buying 2 Consoles, we are impossible as we have been searching to buy PS3 from last 2 months and in every store located in Manhattan.
Oh yes and we still had time to have a nice dinner

Finally after a long 4hrs 30mins we reached "Syracuse - NY" by 11:45pm, how could thing be so easy for us ever, we saw the restaurant across the road but not able to reach, we were moving at dead slow speed, when we saw a black car tailing us, and guess what, it started flashing "Red and Blue light" night patrolling cops were here, they ran our number plate and let us loose and helped us find the proper route. But this were still not that easy for us, we took couple of wrong turns and were able to cover 2min drive distance in 45mins, finally checked in at 12:30am.

Saturday: Reached Finally
We left "Syracuse - NY" and reached Niagara by 3:00pm, and that when we took a guided tour to "Whirlpool spot", "Maid of the Mist" and "Cave of Winds".

Whirlpool: This is really nice, the spot is located 180+ feet below, and the whirlpool is created due to the large amount of water flowing in small confronted loop area

Maid of the Mist: It’s the ride on a double decked boat that will take u close to the foot of both the water fall
(American & Horseshoe)

Cave of the Winds: Stairs leading to foot of "Bridal water fall", even this is an awesome water fall but gets unnoticed due to the other two giant waterfall, the stairs lead to the foot of the waterfall, called "Hurricane Deck" where dare to stand below the water fall

Sunday: Time to turn back
Was a bit lazy day thanks to the rain an gloomy weather which was for most of the morning, but we still went back again to Niagara Falls, had walked on the couple of small islands connected by bridge was real nice...

So finally we were on our way back home after a nice weekend we five had.

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