Sunday, June 20, 2010

Do we need a day to express...

Do we really need to have a day dedicated to express love and affection?

Father Days, its one more day we tag on our calendar along with birthday and most important events that we do not want to miss year after year...
All this day and events celebration were not started long back but I guess started only recently, I really do not remember recalling that we had many such days celebrated, Buddy Day / Environment Day / Smile Day / Laughter Day and what all not, it would be safe to say we have already out numbered every day in our calendar for all day and events we can tag in our Calendar.
What will happen if some one comes out with one more new day to celebrate where will we find place in our Calendar, aahhh in that case we would have to celebrate once in two or once in a Leap year as we will have more events adding in our calendar.

At time I feel this all this days that’s been marked as events and been publicities as a day that we have to wait to greet each other, is a one big marketing strategy started by corporate to make feel people that in this fast and nucleus life that we are currently living. Greeting or passing gesture on a day will suffice the relationship we have with our family / friends and all loved one.

If you care for anyone or anything we should not wait for the event to strike our calendar, we can meet or great or pass a smile any time of the year and not restricting only on that particular day

So it not late to say…
I Love you Dad (can be said any day of the year)
I Love you Mon (I say every time I speak to my mom)
I Love you guys for all this years we have been friends (why only on Friendship day)
Plant a tree or switch of light for an hour to save earth (We need not wait for the next Earth day 22nd Apr)
I Love you (say to the lady love every time no need to wait for Valentine day)


Anonymous said...

Nice msg conveyed dude! :=)

Anish said...

yeah, that what i feel that we should not wait for a particular day to expression