Sunday, June 27, 2010

First Driving lesson:

So finally the day arrived when I finally planned to take my first driving lesson, I had called and booked up with this driving school for a two hour driving lesson.
So this guy come up by 9:30am and for the first time I was sitting in driver’s seat for real, so as a customary he asked me bunch of questions:

- Is this your first class, I said YES
- Have you driven a can in India, I said NO for which he replied Good, the reason would be the driving direction, in India its Right Hand drive while in US they prefer the wrong side and say that as the better side… let me leave this topic here only

So with initial instruction for Right & Left indicator, and just use you right feet to control Acceleration and brakes and I guess I was all set buckled up and roll wheels. You all have to believe me on this one the RIGHT and Other Right, at the first turn itself he bombed me to turn right, I was saying to myself right, right, right, and ahhh I took the Right turn,,,,

So I first stepped on accelerate and that when for the first time i was driving car, nit sure why but it was a major mind block for me to start driving, and for next 2 hrs I was driving.

First 30 minutes I was driving on internal roads slowly juggling between each right and left turn, and later the instructor took on to highway that the same road I have been traveling daily to office from last three years but today it was something different I was driving myself for the first time...
The speed limit on that stretch is 55mph and I had all the reason to drive slowly, as safety of other along with me is of high importance and I was clocking 35mph

Then I was back again driving on internal roads so at the end of 2hours i can say i have broken the jinx and I am yet not fully comfortable but yes I can drive and definitely I am getting my driving license and driving in US...
On a liter note, let’s pray for all the people who will be sharing road with me....

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