Monday, June 7, 2010

Foodies --- Pani Puri

We (I & J) have been planning to prepare Pani-Puri from past some time, and we had a small hurdle in that we then would have to buy blender.
And if you have to avoid blender from buying one can get every thing available in ready to eat section in store, but that would not have made the food we prepare mouth-watering.
So finally we decided over the weekend we are on mission Pani-Puri.
Saturday we had a Afternoon birthday party to attend, but still we went to Indian Street (People leaving in New Jersey are aware of how horrible weekend public travel is) the distance that can be covered in 15min in car took us close to 90 mins, but our Pani-Puri mission was still determined.
After shopping all the required:
- Blender
- Ready made Puri
- Grocery (Whole Tamarind, Pani-Puri Masala, Ripe Mango, Mint Leaves, Lemon, Green Chili)
We reached back home only by 3:30 and went straight away to the Birthday Party of a 2 years old sweet kiddo. We were back home by 7:30pm. Every weekend adrenal rush is skyrocketing, later evening we had a failed attempt to watch Ranjneeti (Nice movie after a long time) only to see that the 9:30pm show is houseful so finally we reached back home by 10:30pm.
J and I were still spirited and determined to prepare Pani-Puri, meanwhile our lazy Mr A was already in sleep mode and in no time he dozed off.
She prepared the Green Mint chutney, i prepared the Tamarind chutney, and along with stuffing for Puri (cooked whole chic beans) was prepared
We woke lazy A and finally its fine to taste and eat loads of Pani-Pori, generally people have it as evening snacks while we were having this at 1:30am which itself show how fanatic a normal weekends are with us...


Anonymous said...

If you now put some effort in learning how to drive a car, you can save a lot of this time !!
Or have the multiple attempts at getting the licence scared u ? :-))

Anish said...

No not that multiple attempts of getting license has scared me.
Meanwhile i am due for road test mid of July