Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Splash of Color:

A splash of color thrown in air… applied on face and a bright smile put and laughter in air… that’s what symbolize HOLI… and you need not be the great Gabbar asking out to his sidekick ‘Samba’, ‘Holi kab hai…kab hai holi?’

Holi is the time of the year when we love to spend time with family and friend and with night long chit chat and catching up time that passed by….

If I have to look back over all the years how HOLI has been a part of my life… I have story to tell that would last for hours for each passing year
I have tried to can all my inbox and fetch some snaps that remind me of all the HOLI I had over the years.

2007: by the time this photo was taken we would be has been already soaked in color and water for more then half a day…. Going from one place to another, pockets loaded with colors.

2008: This one back from our office, back those times we had an amazing group, which made sure we celebrate each and every occasion…. Be it Holi / Diwali… or be it even festival no one knows about… as we believed only celebrations

2010: This one is of last year… weather was to cold so we had no scope of paying HOLI outdoor… it not fun to be wearing layers of clothes and colorful holi… so it was all indoor… we did not find any bhang so ended up ‘Carona’

So let splash some color with our family and loved one and let us try and reach out to all friends whom we have lost over the years.

Happy HOLI

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