Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cricket a sport or a Sect:

As any individual, I would have spent hundreds or rather thousands of hours on various aspects, irrespective of when was the last time any of us actually played cricket. It really does not matter as we live in cricket…
We love discussing, suggesting, and commenting on below
-         How a batsmen should have batted
o       A particular bowler
o       A particular bowl
o       A particular inning (if chasing)
-         How a bowler should have bowled
o       To a batsmen
o       In a particular inning (if defending)
o       During final over’s
-         On Fielding:
o       Who should field where
o       How he should have fielded
o       How many fielder on a side
o       Slips / gully, etc, etc
-         Batting order:
o       Who should come if a wicket fall
o       Who should come next at a particular stage of game
-         Bowling Order
o       Who should bowl the final over
o       When spinner should be introduced
o       When should we get our strike bowler back
o       Whom should be bowl next over
-         Who should play a particular match
-         Who should be rested for a game
-         Player combination

What if some thing goes wrong or rather should I say what if something do not go in the way I wanted… Skipper is the culprit…. We love to pour all our geniuses out and say… Dammm he is not playing for India, or is the 12th man paying for the opponents.

Long back during one such match a play-card or banner read somewhat like this

Cricket is my religion
Eden Garden is my Holi Shrine
And Sachin is my God

For any crucial match we followed all 4 principals the great thinker Chanakya offered Sama, Daana, Danda, Bheda (treating with Equality, Enticement, Punishment or War and Sowing Dissension.)
As end of the day all it mattered was, we had won the match.

Today India had a crucial match against Aussies (champions since 1999), this match was equivalent to final, and for sure it has it highs and lows… a time was there when I swear ‘If we are to lose today, for sure I will boycott watching Cricket’

Eventually I can still follow my Sect and praise my god… Sachin

Moreover, as every Indian (cricket loving Indian), I will love to see Sachin holding the current World-Cup trophy…


Joe said...

Cricket is seriously in blood of every true Indian..Cricket has no age, race, cast bar..
And in like all mythological stories, our cricket God will also win in the end (considering this is HIS last world cup)
Chak de India... :))

Anish said...

oh common i really doubt this would be Sachin last worldcup.... looking at his fitness and form of play it is hard to believe.... Sachin would be history in coming years...