Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 2: Journey continues: Hiking

So as our day 1 was all about onset of our journey.... For day 2 we had  plan outlined, only point was how good we would be able walk down path we intended.

After all the wake up buzzer we were out of the hotel by 9:30...  
Next Checkpoint 'Hiking at Seven Sisters Trail - Virginia'
Length: 4.8 miles

Like in most cases... How we came to this particular hiking place of all places...

Saturday night we had our reservation made at Comfort Inn Johnson City located 400 odd miles from Friday night halt. 

Moreover 'Seven Sisters Trail' had great review considering we fall in moderate category of hikers, as in past non of us had actually returned from 'Mt. Everest base camp' (in future I may).

We reached the trail place, and our was the only car in the parking area,  thanks to the sign board we still assume we were at the right spot... The area was heavily forested, Sun struggled at times to pass warmth to the surface.

Next 3 hours we did not see any soul unless someone spotted us(am I able to creep like some suspense movie).... I will rate the trail as one of the best trail i have ever been to for:
- Less difficulty lots of twist and turn
- Narrow lane 
- You can hear leaves falling
- Hear dried twigs breaking under your feet

Journey so far has be amazing and mostly we are still able to walk on the dotted planned lines (If we fall back it is easier to draw a new line)

Time to check-in... As another planned day lays ahead of us, watch out more for Day-3

On the signing note: we met officer Willee, she was happy to pull us of the road and give us a 15minute break... To cut the long story short we were stopped for speeding....

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