Monday, January 31, 2011

Dinner Tonight!!!

It is one such question that I can bet would be haunted to many of us…. I used to feel this question scares the most if you are staying alone (Bachelor life… I cont disclose the benefit of it… as I am no more in that elite group)… but to say the truth it do not matter if you are a couple….

Whenever this question comes…. I feel I am pushed back to my school days when I not prepared for the surprise quiz I would be completely clueless and would be mumbling… the same effect still take place at time when I, and now we both are confused… what cooking tonight… or what’s for Dinner tonight

So as usual we were sitting and chit chatting and were having a hard time to decide what to cook for dinner… and we both mumbling and not able to decide what to and what not to….

But know as the Rotis are being prepared…. I should say that we are having a nice full course meal….

Dal prepared by her…. Soybean sabzi prepared by her, and Rotis again by her….

It’s time to savor the nice meal we prepared…. bon appetite….

After all this effort we are done for Monday only… this do not assure again tomorrow we will not be chased by the same question…. why to worry today thinking of tomorrow…

Mantra of life…. ‘Live in the moment’

So what did you had or what are you having for dinner tonight…..

This is what we both had....


Joe said... usual amazing dinner..
But don't be lazy and make her cook always...don't just help eating.. Cook as well ;)

Anish said...

Lol lol kya Joe: I helped her in preparing... And guess what the biggest help was I ate all the foood... Abhi i definately need to start GYM nahi tho.... no need to say...

Joe said...

Yeah I know what help... When she must be cooking..u must be chit chatting or listening to music on ur lapy.. (And I know which song :p)

Anish said...

Hello please I was not listening to Sheela ki jawani... I was listening to 'itni shakti hum e de na data' :-0