Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bryan Adams live in concert

Dream come true.... Bryan Adams

Yesterday for the first time me and my wife got a chance to attend a acoustic show of the one and only ‘Bryan Adams’ (thanks to my dear friend
s who gifted us the tickets).

Bryan Adams a name that does not require an introduction, many of us has spent our thousands of hours listening to his songs….

My first experience of listening to Bryan Adams songs I remember is when I was at a friend’s place, who had bought a new Desktop computer, the person who assembled his computer was good enough to dump tons of songs and loads of software (which is bet would be still sitting in cold storage to be used).

While we were scanning all the songs ‘Summer of 69’ caught our attention, that was the day and 27th Jan was when my dream came true as we were at ‘Beacon Theater – NY’ watching Bryan Adams singing songs that we would have listened more than million times but still listening those songs from Bryan is for sure to get goose bumps

Wait ended at 8:10pm… when Bryan came on stage with Greg (who was on Piano)… and they stated jamming and first was ‘Run to You’ followed by ‘Cuts like a knife’ ….

He made the mood high with funny little jokes and liners…. The one I have to mention…. Before that some things about New Yorkers, they love to use the most versatile word in English vocabulary ‘Fuck’…

So Bryan starts with this incidence ‘He was walking down Park Avenue, where he saw a car met with an accident and it was being towed, he stopped and asked the person, ‘Hey what had had happened’ and the guy replies…. ‘Hey you are the Bryan Fucking Adams, hey Joe see we have Fucking Adams’ (This is a gesture of excitement’) to under one should listen ‘Rajneesh (OSHO) – the ultimate speech on work fuck
Bryan then kept on singing his famous number and kept on his small talk… As the evening passed his songs made each one of us reach a trans state.

Bryan would have bowed and said good night 3 to 4 times, and each time he came back and continued…
And finally with ‘have you really loved a woman’ he signed off for the evening, but this evening I would be remembering for ages to come.


Anup said...

Seriously it must have been an awesome experience :)

Joe said...

Yeah..the 'F' Adams..and the 'F' experience.. ;)
Wish I had friends like urs to gift me the show tickets :P

Anish said...

@Anup: you still have time 11 Feb make it possible

@Jyoti: beta... Kabhi kabhi we should pamper ourselves... Gift yoursel the tickets...
What the F&$@

Unknown said...

Hi Anish, I couldn't agree with you more. The 90's and even the 21st century resounds with the sound of Summer of 69 and other Bryan Adams classics. Each song gives you a nostalgia. Wouldn't mind addmitting, but had my 1st kiss to Please Forgive me :) Looking forward to catch him live in India now and relive those moments. For more details

Anish said...

Thats true Komal, i guess you also would be attending the show.... enjoy..