Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Friends... Callling... Friends Calling

Tring- Tring

That the sound of Phone bell ringing and yes we love to listen to the very simple noise ‘Tring-Tring’ I feel the tone became immortal due to ‘Matrix’.

We 5 college time buddies currently located at 5 different places, once in a while we all get over a long chat over phone. Mostly I being the co-coordinator and get into a conference call, and this time after long email thread, mostly delayed as I went missing mostly I was caught up in some office work, and yes finally last Sunday we all were able to get in a call.

What’s the tough part, getting all together is tough part, geographical location (time-zone) added more flavor to it (10:00Pm in India / 4:30pm in London / 11:30am New-York), and mostly time zone is not an issues… the promise that I made to setup the call was something similar to the promises that our dear politician make. However, unlike politician i fulfilled my promise.

Agenda for this time, was to finalize our next India trip and two of my buddies are getting married (may there Bachelorhood rest in Peace, may they live they life fullest till the last moment)

This time to we were not able to catch hold of a friend as he was driving his way back home (as he pretended to an idol motorist, Not to talk while driving)

Did we reach a conclusion: oh yeah we all are in a FIX,
Me: As my VISA is expiring not sure when will I be getting renewal petition (last time it took 8 months, would be a rare care, but not sure would be a usual pattern in my case)

Mirror-Axe: Ahh this Dude has his own trouble not sure what would be his project state would be…. So in short he in a limbo state but yet we all count on him

Vicks: (The Groom No. 1) has is own problem with some documentation, still in doubt will he be able to make up for ‘seconds friend wedding’ Good to know that his plan are fixes, nothing new with him as usual plan works better in last minute

The Perfectionist ‘U’: What to say about, he is the ‘YES Man’ in our gang, He will say YES to each and everything, until the very last moment, you can tell or at time I guess even he cant tell what will happen, but he will make all possible attempts

Groom No.2: hmmm, at this moment nothing decided. If you all have seen Matrix 2: ‘Where in Neo, is stuck in a train station not sure which way to go, time is the Key’ ame is the case with him, he in between switching jobs & City not sure were he will be, I bet the soon he make his mind.

Awaiting for the next email thread to being so we all are getting back in a call….. tring… tring…

This is the our latest pic, whene we all met after 4 years:

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