Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pune here I come..

Started my trip... Part II

After all the fuss and drama... Finally at 7:45pm (8 May) I was told, I will not be able to make it for my connecting flight from Munich.... So my tickets were rebooked for today 9th May

And the lady who rebooked told me that I bet we will be delayed tomorrow so let's book a ticket with 6hrs of transit... I said hmm anything is better that confirms (or increase my chance) that I can travel to my Home.

2:00pm I checked the flight status and to my surprise "the flight was on time"
I reached airport by 3:30pm for my flight at 5:50pm, and then I came to now that flight is late by 3:00hrs and schedule to depart at 8:45pm.... Due to "volcanic ash" it's route a longer way and I will have 1 hr of transit..!! I will have to sprint my way to catch the transit flight

Meanwhile i was in the line for checkin I met the same person from yesterday who was also travelling to Pune on the same flight, he to was rebooked with me....

I met a interesting lady yahead of me, she was 70yrs and was from Germany, and for next 2+ hours we were talking on:
- the place she visited in her last 3 India trip
- on Aganta Elora
- Jaipur and it's palaces + Gyatri Devi last princess of Jaipur
- Kolkata 
- Delhi and the city itself
- Hydrabad
And I talked on
- my place in Pune
- how culture is different in Germany / India/ US
- family struture... Large family / Nuclear family

All this discussion was just interesting.
After all this talk now when I am sitting at the waiting area, I realize that I have not asked her name... 

But I guess at time the people are to be remembered by the act and not just by name....

This time I hop to make to Pune....

Once again take 2 "Pune here I come"


Anonymous said...

Welcome back dear :-)

Anish said...

Yes buddy I enjoyed each and every day I was in Pune... Later I felt that time would have stopped... .-0