Thursday, December 3, 2009

Coffee Club

Office Pantry is the most important place on any IT floor, Any one can advocate this point, as it can be seen as a best place where a small office talk to take place. Moreover, coffee is best during afternoon when any one will feel a bit heavy and is in need for the extra caffeine added to his blood stream that helps trigger back brain cell...

As I do write, I am just sipping freshly brewed coffee

I am part of a coffee club on our floor, I joined it couple of months back, when my developer colleague asked me to taste the coffee that he was brewing the coffee brewing aroma itself was great, since then I am hooked to it.

As we do get roasted coffee bean, which is grinded daily for people who like to have a caffeine jolt added to their system... and in next 10 mins the coffee is ready to be served.

The most active person who prepares coffee every other day is moving to a new team from Monday, and we having a small talk who is going to run the daily coffee... all started in a laughter break as he comment don’t worry guys i will run down from 15 to 7th floor for coffee everyday :-0

Later i came to know that the coffee club is running from last 3+ years and the people who started are long gone... So in this case people are just passing variable only constant is COFFEE POT, long leave coffee club... and let it spread the strong coffee aroma every day....

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