Monday, December 14, 2009

16 Days to go!!!! 2010 is sneaking around....

Okay its way late at night... the clock is ticking way ahead of 1:15AM and I do not feel to call it a day and sleep.
Moreover its Sunday night.... which is most depressing time, week after week as it reminds we are heading towards a new week and will eventually lead to 5 day working week :-0

Okay back to the post... while I was setting up the alarm, so I wake up on time to start Monday Morning and be in office on time, but then I realized its 14 Dec and we are just 16 days for New Year, a new calendar year, a bunch of new Resolution to make and make sure that those Resolution do not see light of February, I guess that what resolutions are for.

I bet when we do look back, most would quote, ahhh the year just flew by, I still remember what I did for last new Year or the about the vacation trip back in Feb, gosh we have already crossed 350 days of this year, months just flew buy, and 2010 is already sneaking.

I assume only a fraction of people might say, it was a long year that made me feel I lived a life time watching the calendar page turn day after, month after month leading toward dec.

Every year, around this time or in next few days I used to jot down what I want to plan, what I will not plan, or what I want, what I do not want, what I will, what I wont and such thing, but this time around I feel I would be planning not for myself, I should be planning for other I mean, it will be a great day for me, if on a any given day I am able to help anyone in anyway with no personnel benefit, I do hope I am able to tick as many such days.

While all this when we / I are busily talking about what’s in store for, are we missing today, isn’t it better to live in today, rightly quoted by Oogway (Old Tortoise from Kung Fu Panda) “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift, That is why it is called the ‘present’”

But still this should not stop any one of us plan how and where to celebrate welcoming 2010.

p.s. I roughly and somehow manage to continue with my post, for nearly one full year.

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