Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My First Doodle Art...

This is the first Doddle (as the word define an unspecified drawing made while persons attention is occupied otherwise), this one started with no certain plan and pattern I happen to lost completely in one of the status call as we had a major release planned up as we have some pending action items.

So as the call lasted for some 45 mins i was jotting down pointers from the call and besides that i was busy with the new art that i learned from a blogger / author Preeti Shenoy
I visit her blog quite often and she is a amazing narrative... so this post of her on Doddle she posted with doddle art drawn by her kids... and looking at that i starting thing why should not i be doing this as well.

The reason this thought came to my mind, as i have the habit of drawing random lines, circles and squares while I do talk or in a conf call over phone (i will attach a few more of them as they would be scattered on my desk)

I am not sure why i do draw line / circles / squares, if you have any slightest idea please do comment on this.

Till them i will be doddle next time while in a conversation on Phone :-0

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