Thursday, November 26, 2009


CCD (Cafe Coffee Day), some how I love having coffee at time in CCD, main reason would not be due to the great coffee that they serve. Because its a nice place where you can end up listening nice music and as soon your coffee is finished they do not ask you to leave, reason behind would be the premium coffee rate that they do charge...

Long back when Pune, had its first CCD (I assume it’s the one on FC road), many would have shocked to hear the price for a cup of cappuccino. Even it puzzled me how I start paying 30 Rs for a cup of coffee, for the same coffee Anna used to charge 5 Rs (Guys the cost matters a lot during college time)

Later when I started working, I used to start, spend time in CCD with my friend, as was quoted as "cool" thing to spend time at CCD.

But this time while i was in Pune, I finally met a special friend whom I have not met in last 4 years. We used to communicate over Phone / msg / emails, When we finally met we were not able to start the conversation (where as on Phone we used to manage an hr time quite easily).

And as days (as i had only 4 week vacation in Pune) went by we had spent many hours in CCD, it was fun and really nice... Know this is one of the reason I do love CCD as they really do help connect with your old friend


Anup said...

U never told me about this friend of yours ;)

Anish said...

Yaar to cut long story short I was with M