Monday, November 9, 2009

Last 4 weeks...

Time flies by... on yes today i can surely say that "time does fly", I had actually planned a 3 weeks vacation/ work in Pune, which i dragged to 4 weeks but which i feel way too less time to be in Pune, with parents and with friends....

This trip i was planning in such a way that i am with family / friends for Diwali, and indeed one should be in India, if you want to celebrate Diwali in its full festive and glittery way

My college friend group, some how started a tradition of visiting each place for Holi and Diwali, But from last 4 Diwali / Holi it has not been possible for all 5 of us to meet, but still who all are in town do meet together and visit each other house and so have our respective share of sweets :-0

A day after Diwali, a news supplement (Pune Mirror -- run by Times of India) had a cover story on Diwali sweets and calorie count, as they mentioned people do gain 3 to 15kg (7-20 lbs) during Diwali weeks, thanks to all sweet made in Pure Ghee in Home and at every body place... And i did manage to put of 2kg of weight in that week itself that to all the lovely sweet :-0

I happen to meet few of my old friends whom i am meeting after 4-5 years, it was great to catch up with them

I loved riding my bike (CBZ) i clocked 1400km in 4 weeks time

I could not resist having pani-puri but was bowled out in just 4 and followed coughing next 5 mins before having the 5th one... staying in US has lowered my resistance to spicy pani-puri

I happen to book a 3BHK apartment in Wakad (Pune)

I had late midnight talk lasting couple of hrs with a friend, sitting by the pavements ( as this dude is mostly working in shifts)

I had at least 7 parties with my friends office / friends / office / friends

I did spent 3 hrs with a friend for a single cup coffee treat in CCD

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