Monday, May 18, 2009

Navigator.... in Dadoo car!!!

Yes last weekend i played the role of a Navigator to my friend(we were roommates for nearing to 2 years, he kicked me out before getting married ;) )...

He got his US driving license sometime Wednesday, and trust me this guy had never driven a 4 wheeler in India.... Where as do have a Indian driving license (which cost him some 600/-) and he decided finally to take up driving lesson as his wife (this guy married 6 months back) had threatened him if he is not getting a license.. poor chap succumbed to the threat :)

As his wife is back in India for couple of weeks he finally got his license and on Friday he rented a car (for the wk end) so it was time for some drive over the weekend-- tighten your seat belt, take long breath and zoom!!! zoom!!! Here we go in and around the city)

After a few initially hick-up all the driving was smooth enough... if the driving distance from point A to B was 10 km, we managed to reach that place in less then 15km... Thanks to my superior navigating skill (trust me I am good in this, I would confidently point my right hand and tell him to take a left turn... (Later he got used to it and told ... "you mean the other right... and I would YES :-0)

However, by Sunday evening we had successfully completed 250km driving... and we were back on our own safe and sound... he is all exited to rent next week also... I guess this time it would be a more relaxing drive :) :) but still fingers will be crossed hehehe


Preeti Shenoy said...

His wife will be happy when she gets back :)

Anish said...

Phew!!! i was more then happy to see Preeti's comment (so now i will tell every one that a book writter back from amchi Pune) did visit the my page and happen to comment back :)