Saturday, May 30, 2009

Who say its recession in US… it’s a fallacy…

Last week I and my friend (same friend who had just got a license to drive “my friend dadooo”) so just to have to long drive and to gather some more driving experience we set for a shopping mall (with intension not to buy anything :-0)

It’s a 60miles drive to “Woodbury mall” is had got a great landscape (located it between mountains and it does have some 130+ brand store)… so we reached this place and were amazed to see the crowd…. It took more then 45+ mins to find a parking spot… (in spite is having 75 allays which can hold some 30-40 cars but still we were searching for parking… it like all wanted to spend money and shop till drop (not including 2 of us) does this symbolize that US is in recession…

And the best scene was outside outlet of “COACH” the store had so many shoppers already inside that they had to close the front door… and you can see already a big queue was forming outside to enter the store…. I was never able to find my people were fanatic to buy from COACH, and this I saw another waiting line outside one more store (forgot to take a pic of that)

So next time when ever one do hear… Customer confidence is down in US, Shopping Mall is facing the pinch due to recession… I know what the truth is...

I assumed that recession would mean:
- Less people going for shopping (people not spending fewer)
- Less Traffic on roads (people staying at home to save)

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