Saturday, May 30, 2009

Weird Smells (radio channel quiz)

Lately I have started listening to radio (actually its my morning alarm clock) which helps me sacrifice my bed every morning (it do start at 7:am and my next 30-45 mins I manage to sacrifice my bed J) it is a real tough fight every single day(specially week days)

Every day this host comes up with some sort of quiz of question and wait for people to call back with the view and comments.

Some time over the week, this fellow asked to his partner “Tell me the weird smell, that you love and drives you crazy”

She replied : Do you intend to fart.. he replied, not that every day I do…

Okay then they were serious and telling there replied few of that I remember

- Smell of crayons
- Smell of coffee bean
- Smell of Gasoline(Petrol as we do call in India )

Ever few listeners called back and replied

- A lady told smell of Tide (detergent soap) (I guess she do not work in a Laundromat)

I also was running down my own list

- During my childhood days I loved smell of petrol, whenever I used to pass my Petrol station I used to literally wait and take few long breath J
- Then I do love the smell of Marker pen (actually the spirit)
- When it rains for the first time…

I guess all would have some or the other weird smell weakness, do comment you’re your irresistible weakness :-0

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Radha said...

- Fragrance of Jasmine flowers.
- Aroma of Pav-Bhaji made in stalls
- Smell from the Pages of a not-so-old book
- Smell of Chemicals on the way to PCMC area :)
- Smell of Earth after the first rain
- Aroma of Amma's home cooked food
wow, miss those days!!