Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gang Leader for a Day!!!

This one is a Non-Fiction novel written by "Sudhir Venkatesh", He is am immigrant from India who spent his childhood in California , and pursued his master in "Sociology" from UoC ( University of Chicago ) this is back in 1989

As part of the assignment, where he was assisting his professor in some research work (which was more on, Finding the life style of Black poor family, how they end up with no Job, and end up in drug)

Therefore, he happens to visit one such housing project, which is inhabited by black community, day One he held hostage... and then the drama unfolds... Sudhir ends up studying up the living style in this community for next 10 years... He was in the middle of many drugs sale activity, drive by shooting, and many more activity…

Sudhir does give a good description how, drug trade is been managed on a bigger level, the hierarchy which is in place... how people are motivated to work as drug peddlers... as per facts, the low level drug peddler do earns less the minimum wage...
Sudhir does discuss many community issues, hope people do try to solve them, more and more small narrative incidence....

I was so much engrossed in reading this one... I manage to finish in a weeks time... which is a real bad thing for me as i would have to start searching for something new to read :)

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