Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Clock ticking....

New Year resolution of me and my friends....

New Year.... As i do write part of the earth is already into 2009.... and rest others would have started the countdown...

Another year is about the pass by...

When asked to people relating to the past year... this is what I happen to hear the most

- This year just flew by
- I did not get to enjoy more this year as i was tied with work round the year
- This year was would be remember for many years for all the wrong reason..(Not getting into details of this as the list was going on and on)

The reason i like the New year period is: As i get to scrap all my last year resolution and start a new resolution, which most of the time do not survive till summer come.

And when asked relating to "New Year Resolution"
- I would try something new this year... when asked what? I saw a big question mark looming over the head :)
- Some say i would plan two vacations.... which is a real great
- Quit Smoking -- This friend of mine is so consistent to have the same resolution from last couple of year and we all do wait to see a new resolution
- When its was my turn, I had a much bigger Question Mark then the person one had in the first phrase :)

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