Saturday, January 31, 2009

Visiting history lanes.....

Mahatma Gandhi… A persona that was more during the Independent era.

Today (30th Jan) is marked as 60th death Anniversary.
Many would say human do learn from history. But a true questioned to ask oneself is that how much history do one remember or does one wants to remember?
Or does on has the feeling that remembering history is a waste of time?

Just to say yesterday I happen to few clips from “Kung-fu Panda” in which their was a quote “Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, but Today is Present” this was quoted by “Master Wu Gui” (tortoise) to the Panda, when Panda was sad…

Okay back to the first paragraph… If we do see History or present, we would find many leader and normal human who would have don countless sin / mistakes in their time but for some good deeds which they have done, some people still do remember. Their were many such incidence which Mahatma Gandhi has done which is not possible for any human.

- Dandhi Yatra: Which he did started for the salt break moment was started from his ashram (sabarnati) but ended in all the radio an news paper published in the world

- Kadhi movement: Where in he made people do sacrifice all the cloths which were made in britin. (some history to back this up:: India was always the hub for clothes, we used to export cloths back in that era, but just to make more revenue for the Queen, they killed or cut “thumb” of all the people who made the finest silk clothes in Bengal)

- Peace which he brought in Calcutta(post independence): India’s independence do have permanent left bad scare, India was partitioned in to 3 part (East Pakistan(Bangladesh), India, Pakistan). During this time human race had seen the worst communal killing and human migrations (roughly 2million people lost their lives, million went missing and tens of million crossed borders). In-spite of all the leaders managing with 100 thousand police and military to maintain peace in Punjab took months, where as in Calcutta Mahatma Gandhi has made peace between Hindus and Muslims

The point which i wanted to state is not just we need to remember Gandhi, but we do have many more person (Bhagat Singh / Sardar Patel / Bal Gangadhar Tilak / Rani Laxmi Bai) whom we should remember and should be proud to tell that we are from the same mother land.

Jai Hind.

p.s. Just a passing note, nothing to be taken seriosuly :)

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