Saturday, December 27, 2008


This is the title of the book which i do happen to read, this book is more on the story of "Darfur"... Darfur (Darfur as in Arabic "Dar" means Home and fur and Darfur therefore is "Home of the fur")

Darfur, is a small province located west of "Sudan" and share border with "Chad"
Darfur can be also been know for wrong reason's its like second "Rawanda" both had witness the worst "human genocide"Where as Rawanda witness a human loss of 800,000 in couple of months were as Darfur witness 400,000 in a span of 12-16 months and al this happened during the last 5 years to be precise "2003-04"

The book written by "Don Cheadle" and "John Prendergast"Don Cheadle: is can been seen in movie "Ocean 13" and the latest "Traitor"

This book talks more on:
- How and why this started
- Why world did not interview, was their no interest self interest
- Will be let more such "Genocide" take place in future and still not do anything to prevent
- Children’s of Darfur

Darfur genocide happen during the same time when IRAQ was been invaded, would it not have be more helpful for US and NATO to focus and participate in stopping such gruesome act \taking place in Darfur rather then invading IRAQ

It talks on how an individual can change the course of action and help the people in need.

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