Friday, January 4, 2013

I wish everyone loved ..........................................

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I wish everyone loved  ..........................................

‘Wish’, a word that add a send of hope and belief that things will fall and be in line the way it has to be, ‘wish’ usually starts with hope and based on our conviction or determination one can make it to reality, which would be sweetest thing one would like to see happen.

So word ‘wish’ can be seen as a source of inspiration and determination in getting things done the way we feels it’s better for oneself, the people around you and all.
I wish everyone loved the way one is ‘As a person As a human’ we should be tagged or put in buckets…. on basis of complexion, on basis of religion, caste creed, nation, we should be tagged as developing nation or as a third world nation. All I want is we all should be looked as human as we are and if that happen we will see lot of disproportionate things that is around and us and is impacting growth of our society, growth as a nation, growth as human race.

I wish everyone loved everyone, the place we are would for sure be different, the amount of money each nation spends in arms race would have been better used and diverted to those efforts that make a real difference and make a better place.  

I wish everyone loved to be happy, we generally happen to have a habit to over stress ourselves, we do not want to be at peace, we seams to love keep pilling more and more problem and issues that really do not require any attention. Certain issues can be let go and certain issues only arise due to all the issues that we have stacked on ourselves. If we are to started with an approach of general calmness we would see most of our so called stress and problem will fade out

I wish everyone loved in what we have, it does not means that we are not to strive or to aim more in life, all I means is that just not exhaust your energy and day in just running in the race, take some breather time and cherish the moment.

While writing the post, quite a few time a particular song kept coming to my mind... 
Heal the World --- MJ


I am been following Preeti’s blog for a while; I have also participated in couple of blog-a-thon that she had initiated earlier.
The idea of this particular post itself is very nice, all I wish is we are able to live life in loving….


Shaivi said...

Nice one!

rudraprayaga said...

True.One should love oneself and others in an 'as is where is condition.