Monday, December 31, 2012

Good Bye... 2012...

Sun sets one more time, to rise and shine again...

As the day end in next few hours…. Year 2012 goes by leading way for 2013….

2012 for sure will be the most talked year…  One of the reason happened to be Mayan Calendar was wrong with keeping up with the D-Date 21 Dec… its just went by with not much fuzz…. All I know for sure is producer of movie 2012 smiled all the way to bank :-0

How the year went by for me, I wont say just like any another year, each year stand some special moments along with some down as well :-0

Like each year I make loads of resolution, some do not even make it until next day they just fade away… some stay… some get altered… and so on…

Apart for the list of resolution we all tend to have a list….
Things to do this year… as time fly we do a reality check where we stand on the last…  and that’s when we realize oops…. I may miss most…. Lets readjust it for next year…. And year passes by right in front of us.

So my friends… don’t just create a Bucket List when we are on crease for playing our last innings, let’s have one and do a check where we are…. And what we can fulfill the one item in it at a time…. (Being multitasking is not bad at all)….

I to have my list, some of which I was able to get through… some I see like a huge cliff in front of me, from which running away would be worst decision, I will to gear up and start learning how to climb the cliff and move on to another one.

This year I learnt a lot…. Some lessons were easy, some I happen to learn the hard way, which I feel that it was good that I learnt the hard way. As leaning always through the easiest way is not most fruitful, a small sapling has the bear the brunt of weather and time to finally produce the most flavored fruit.

So in next few hours the year 2012 will fade away and sunny morning of 2013 (at least in Pune a Bright new awaits), with hope and happiness.

p.s. on separate note, I am 200 post old in last four year, its been a nice journey so far, however off late I am not a regular on the scene, I wish I be post more stuff in next calendar year, now lets see will be a resolution or will it be a line from my bucket list.

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