Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Being Lazy... won't be for long

On health front I was never lazy....
It’s been 4 months since we moved back to Pune.... and since then I have taken a backseat on my heath front, and I not doing any workout so its time I say I am lazy on health front, which I not really me.

Gone are those days when I used to hit gym 3-4 times a week and would burn some 600+ calories each session...  Ahhh that was an amazing experience....

Initially when I had joined gym it was not purely health reason, primary reason was to leave office on time.... Which I was able to achieve.... And once I got in the flow of exercising my primary reason changed from not only leave office on time to watching out for health, which for sure helped me shed the extra flab I had gained over time... It felt nice....

Since I moved back it's been all work, work and more work at ad hock hours and made me lazy boy.... started neglecting on health front. In last 4 months I would have gone for running not more the 10 times and the last time I ventured out would have been first week of December.

Why lazy... I generally have 2 alarm spread at a gap of 10 min, first one goes off by 6:45am (not so early by many people standards) why looks outside when I have my Dad who goes out for a walk everyday 5:45am.

With all the alarm buzzing and after repeated snoozing off I am finally up by 8:45.... And each day when I wake up I do commit to myself tomorrow it won't be the case; I will be up early and gear up for a round of run…. I wish let the change start from tomorrow onwards.

Let me see how next day turn out to be, will I sleep until sun way up… or I be taking care of my health and be back in good shape…. 

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