Sunday, February 17, 2013

Writing for me.....

Writing to me….

Is the time when I am with my self….

Be it writing…

Last time I remember writing for long was when 7+ years ago when I was giving my CSTE exam, it when I would have written for 2 long hours.

Writing doesn’t mean to pen down something unique each time, it does means to have an end resulting into a novel, or nor composing a lyrics,

For me writing is all about just plain simple writing, at time I have written to clear my exam and scored awesome as per my standards and their were time when I was in the examination hall for three hours and couldn’t write which would help me clear the very Electronic Subject, that was way back in my First year in collage.

Before to this blog I have never done any self-writing, all was just to score in examinations, ironical most of us have just dome the same overtime.
I did start blogging not for publishing rather just for expressing my day my though or an event or just in support of a reaction, as I felt writing would be the best medium to express.

Actually blogging has become like photo album on picasa for me, how? As I if I am not uploading picture that I click, I would not be in a state to recollect some special moment or particular incident. Similarly blogger has become a time capture which helps me capture the though the feeling the action the reaction the moment which had happened and would be at any point in time I can visit it back.

So writing to me a moment where I am with myself.

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viva_andya said...

Simple and sweet!!

Keep writing :)